Visa for Ex-Sri Lankan – (Foreigners of Sri Lankan origin)

Person who by descent a citizen of Sri Lanka but currently holding foreign citizenship who is also not a dual citizen of Sri Lanka is eligible for Ex Sri Lankan visa. Visa is given in one year blocks and employment is not allowed.

Application Procedure

  • Ex-Sri Lankans may enter the country by applying 30 day tourist visa through ETA (online visa) 
  • Those seeking to stay in Sri Lanka more than 30 days could apply for Ex-Sri Lankan visa up to 12 months after having spent 3 months in Sri Lanka from the date of arrival.
  • Ex-Sri Lankan visa is issued only by the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo.
Documents Requirement

  • Completed Application form
  • Birth certificate of the applicant or Birth registration certificate under section 5(2) of the Citizenship Act – original required
  • Citizenship certificates if citizen by registration – original required
  • Marriage certificate if applicable
  • Birth certificates of dependants if applicable
  • Applicable government visa fee and our service fee
How To Apply

 Visa can be applied at: 


  • Department of Immigration and Emigration - Colombo. Click Here
  • Immigration Visitor Services Center in Colombo - Click Here


Immigration Visitor Services Center in Colombo

Visa can be applied more conveniently at our Immigration Visitor Services Center in Colombo or please call our helpdesk on +94 11 2 375 972 or email your request to info@immigrationlanka.com


Our specially trained dedicated team will be ready to assist you in every step in the application process including application preparation, advising on document requirement, fee calculation, submitting application to the Department of Immigration, collection and dispatch of entry visa approval to clients and finally to obtain the visa endorsement on the passport after arrival. For greater convenience of our clients, we also offer many other optional value added services including door to door services. 


Our service fee depends on each case and could only be determined after all information is available to us. However, as part of our policy to provide transparent and responsible service, our service fee will be clearly notified before we accept application.