Whilst in Sri Lanka
Extension of Stay

 A traveler who wishes to extend his/her stay in Sri Lanka may apply for an extension at the Department of Immigration or can apply extension at the Immigration Visitor Services Centre 


Immigration Visitor Services Centre 

No.330, Galle Road,

Colombo 3.

Sri Lanka.


Tel: +94 11 2 375 972

Hotline:+ 94 72 7 591 591

Email: info@immigrationlanka.com


Please make sure that you do not overstay in Sri Lanka if your application for extension of stay is not approved.

Loss of Foreigner's Passport

Foreign visitor who has lost his/her passport while visiting Sri Lanka is required to report to the Immigration Authority to regularize their stay before they depart Sri Lanka with the replaced travel document.

Procedures for Regularization of Stay


If you have lost your passport in Sri Lanka, you must first report the lost of your passport at the nearest Police Station without delay.


Next, you should contact your Embassy, High Commission or Consular Office in Sri Lanka to apply for a replacement of your travel document. You may view address or contact details of the Foreign Missions Accredited to Sri Lanka Click Here.


Once you have obtained your temporary/replacement travel document or any documentary proof that you have applied for a replacement travel document, you are required to regularize your stay in the country. For assistance, please contact immigration Visitor Services Centre. Once the Immigration Department has ascertained your legal entry into Sri Lanka, you will be granted a visa on your temporary/replacement travel document to facilitate your stay and departure.